Introduction to Crypto

Unlike tangible money such as dollars or euros, cryptocurrency is entirely digital and is protected through cryptography. Blockchain is the fundamental technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Polkadot (DOT), serving as a decentralised digital ledger.

The widespread adoption of blockchain technology has prompted predictions that it will shape the future financial system and even prompt a complete overhaul of the international monetary system.

Who Are We?

Cashship Exchange uses blockchain technology to create a new kind of economic system. We work to break down economic barriers, improve the global economy, and create positive social change. In order to make trading and investing in cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone, we are constantly implementing new features and refining our user interface.

Cashship Exchange provides top-tier security and is committed to complying with all local laws wherever it operates. We also provide high-tech banking services and provide you with everything you need for trading and investing based on blockchain technology while giving access to one of the most active cryptocurrency markets in the world.

At Cashship Exchange, risk management is a principle in the design of our products. Cashship Exchange holds client assets 1:1, and we will not lend those assets; this means that funds are available to our clients at any time. Cashship Exchange holds customers' fiat currency and virtual assets in separate accounts from our assets, company, operational, and reserve bank accounts. Unless you give us permission and specifically instruct us, we will never use your assets.

Our security team is always thinking of new ways to protect our customers' data. Cashship Exchange provides one of the most secure and comprehensive risk management solutions available. All fiat funds are placed in a regulated bank, and 98% of crypto assets are placed in a cold wallet.

Cashship Exchange is incorporated and regulated by the Republic of Lithuania, a pioneer in the regulation of crypto assets and one of the few member states of the European Union that allow legal financial transactions with cryptocurrencies. Lithuania has a robust financial sector and high standards of compliance. We work under Lithuanian regulations because we believe transparency and trust are essential.

Cashship is a company authorised and regulated by the Lithuanian Financial Crimes Investigation Service (FCIS) as a "Virtual Asset Service Provider" (VASP) Licence No: pending dated pending . Since its inception, we have worked with regulators to help generate thoughtful regulations that foster consumer protection and innovation.

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