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Risk Warning and Disclaimer

Cashship Exchange trading might result in financial losses. If you use our website, you confirm that you have read the relevant documents and understand the risks of trading on Cashship Exchange. We do not trade on behalf of our clients as we cannot guarantee any profit. This Agreement and all other information provided to you do not constitute investment advice. Our services are limited to access to trading. 

Cashship Exchange services are not offered to persons residing in jurisdictions where trading is limited or prohibited by law. The documents on our website are available in English only and you confirm that you have sufficient knowledge of the English language to understand the information included therein and that you fully understand the legal effects of such documents. You acknowledge that you will use the services of a professional interpreter, before agreeing to the terms included in the documents, in the event that you do not understand or are not fully proficient in the English language. 

By signing up to Cashship Exchange, you confirm that you meet the minimum age requirements, that you are competent, and that you have the rights to use Our services in your jurisdiction. 

You further agree to read and accept any website materials, including the Risk Warning, Privacy Policy, and any other Cashship Exchange document. If you do not agree with any of the conditions above or documents, please leave this website immediately, since your continued use shall mean that you agree to the terms above and documents mentioned herein. 

Risk Disclosure

Carefully read the terms below to learn more about virtual currency transactions, as there are several risks associated. Before you execute your transaction, be sure you agree and understand all risks, features, and mechanisms thereof. 

This document includes, without limitation, the risks associated with virtual currency trading.

  1. Legal Risks
  • Company's Compliance with Regulations

At the request of governmental agencies, we may need to freeze withdrawals or trading (or both), or provide information about any of your accounts, pursuant to applicable law, regulation and executive orders. The Company is a regulated entity and, as such, must comply with applicable law. In addition, our recordkeeping and Client verification procedures are subject to change at any time as required by law or industry practice. We must comply with the law and you accept any inconvenience to you or other consequences arising from our compliance.

  • Risks due to Changes in Legislation and Tax Code

Laws, regulations and tax codes governing Virtual Currency that apply to persons executing Virtual Currency transactions may suffer changes in the future, including without limitation, restrictions, higher taxes, holding or trading of Virtual Currency restrictions. In that event, Clients may suffer unexpected losses. Consult your tax advisor, certified public tax accountant, attorney or other professional for further information. 

  • Risk of Bankruptcy

The Company may not be able to continue operating if there are external changes, including, but not limited to, stricter regulations regarding Virtual Currency, and Company's financial condition deterioration. In that case, Company will conduct proceedings under the respective bankruptcy legislation and other applicable laws and regulations, including matters regarding Client assets. The Company may receive deposits or Virtual Currency from Clients, but the assets deposited by Clients will be managed separately from the Company's assets. The Company does not take security measures for Client funds, such as depositing them in an account in a trust bank. Such Client assets may not be returned and the Clients may suffer losses.

  1. General Commercial Transactions and Risks Associated with Cryptocurrencies 
  • Risks due to Virtual Currency Networks

Virtual Currency transactions are held until sufficient confirmation is received (blockchain transaction verification). Trading on the exchange platform or cryptographic exchanger does not require verification, but transferring Virtual Currency to the Company requires verification. Therefore, your transaction may not be reflected in your Trader's Room, the Company may not transfer Virtual Currency to you, or your transaction may be cancelled before sufficient confirmation on the Virtual Currency network. Since Virtual Currency is recorded electronically and sent across a network, it can be deleted.

  • Price Fluctuation Risk

Virtual currency has no base asset and varies in value. Trends in commodities, currencies, the stock market, and other markets, natural catastrophes, wars, political turmoil, strikes, harsher regulation, the growth of similar Virtual Currencies, or an unexpected or extreme event may alter the value of the Virtual Currency. Thus, your Virtual Currency or transaction may rapidly rise or fall. Virtual Currency may decline below the Buy Price or to zero.

  • Liquidity risk

Your transaction may not be executed, or you may be forced to execute it at a very unfavorable price, depending on market trends or transaction volumes. In margin trading, it may be difficult to execute a reverse trade of your position, which could widen your losses.

  • Business Hours Risk

Virtual Currency may fluctuate greatly when the Company is not open for business or is under maintenance. If a Virtual Currency transaction occurs outside business hours, the Company assumes no responsibility.

  • Risks due to Changes in Commissions, Margin requirements, etc.

The Company may amend its agreement or any addendum thereto in the future. In particular, the Company may make changes, including but not limited to its rates, including fee rates, required margin or stop order rate. If such changes are made, additional funds may be required due to such change and the chances of being subject to a stop may increase.

  • Risk of Operational Challenges.

The Company may experience sophisticated cyber-attacks, unexpected surges in activity or other operational or technical difficulties that may cause service disruptions. You understand and accept that the services may experience operational problems leading to delays on our exchange platform, risks of transaction failure as a result of unforeseen or heightened technical difficulties, including those resulting from sophisticated attacks. You agree not to hold the Company liable for any related losses.

  • System risks

Clients transact electronically. A Client's intended order may not be completed if they submit it incorrectly. The electronic transaction system may be unusable for a period of time due to telecommunications or system equipment malfunctions, telecommunications network problems with the Company or a Client, or an order may be invalidated if a Client's order instructions arrive late or not at all on the Company's system. If the electronic transaction system fails, a Client's ability to transact may be suspended. If there is a rapid and substantial market change, etc., the retrieval of pricing information may be delayed, resulting in disparities between the electronic transaction system and market prices. If a third party obtains the login ID or password used for electronic verification in the electronic transaction system owing to theft or intrusion, the relevant Client may suffer losses. System failure due to external factors may prevent Clients from completing transactions. When the Company discovers an error (not including clogged network lines or Client computer issues) in the system needed to provide its services, Clients can no longer place orders via the Internet (the Company's website, Exchange Platform, or applications) or their orders are late or cannot be placed. Please note that if the Company is unable to receive a Client's order due to emergency system maintenance or a system failure, the Company will not be able to execute a process to correct the error because it will not be able to identify the Client's intended order (the original order). The system may calculate an abnormal Virtual Currency purchase or sale price. The Company may cancel a transaction based on an abnormal value.

  1. Margin Trading: Specific Risks 
  • Risks due to Leverage Effects, etc.

Virtual currency margin trading does not guarantee margin principal or profits. Leverage makes virtual currency margin trading risky. The more leverage you use, the more you can trade compared to the amount of assets you invest (including margin deposited), thus you may earn more profits, but if market prices are inconsistent with your expectations, you may lose more. Therefore, the Company may conduct a mandatory reverse trade of your whole position and liquidate the transaction using Company-prescribed methods to protect you from rising losses if the market moves against your position. You may lose more than the assets you invested (including the amount of margin deposited).

  • Risks due to Stop-Out

The stop-out mechanism allows the Company to cancel fresh unexecuted orders, force a reverse trade, and liquidate all Client holdings to protect the Client from escalating losses when the Client's margin does not meet the Company's prescribed margin to needed margin ratio (the "stop-out," which the Company may change at its discretion). Because market prices determine the stop-out settlement price, the loss will not be known until settlement. If market conditions change or something else happens, the ultimate settlement price may differ significantly from the time the transaction was launched, and a Client's loss may surpass the Company's deposit. Clients should immediately deposit any shortfall of funds with the Company.

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